From The Sea

Meat choices are recommendation; most dishes can be made with tofu.

A gratuity charge of 15% could be added to parties of 8 people and more.

70 Crispy Spicy Fish ปลาทอดกรอบ


Catfish nuggets lightly battered and fried. Served with brown chu chi sauce, kaffir leaves, basil and bell peppers.

71 Pla Tod Rad King ปลาทอดราดขิง


Fresh ginger, celery, mushroom and onions stir fried in a soy based sauce, over with Basa fish.

72 Pla Tod Rad Prig ปลาทอดราดพริก


A Stir fried dish of onions, mushrooms and bell peppers in a sweet chili sauce, served over a fillet of lightly battered fresh white Basa fish.

73 Sweet & Sour Fish ปลาราดพริก


Mixed vegetables with sweet and sour sauce served over lightly battered cod fillet.

74 Seafood with Curry Sauce ทะเลผัดผงกะหรี่


Shrimp, squid, mussels, imitation crab, egg and vegetables stir fried with curry sauce.

75 Black Pepper Fish ปลาผัดพริกไทยดำ


Black pepper sauce, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms over white Basa fish.